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The Greatest Weapon For A Leader To Have Is Servitude.


Meet Ramces 

Achieving Beyond The Average!

Ramces Rouzard is the CEO/Founder of In/The/Mirror LLC. Many have wondered how many gifts Ramces Rouzard possesses? The answer to that question would be a plethora of gifts. When you encounter Mr. Rouzard he engages your space with electrifying positive personality that imprints a smile on your face. As an entrepreneur, host and speaker he strives to create an atmosphere and find great joy in impacting the heart of people.

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What I Specialize In

Motivational Speaking 

Small Business Leadership


Corporate Leadership


Visionary Coaching 


Take the next step to develop, build and aim higher than you've ever aimed. Begin your journey today.

Ramces Dre Rouzard thank you for being you. To be honest your message came right on time. The last few weeks I been asking myself am I really working my business to get to the goals I want. Honestly I haven't. I was really absorbing everything you said. You and your team are wonderful. Thank You again.

- Sandra Ameris

I would like to thank Ramces Rouzard for coming out and speaking and pouring so much into our lives. 
Our excellence Gala was a success, not only were you a speaker you came out with your team with the red carpet. They were amazing to be honest I am in total shock how great everything came out. Thank you for stepping up and being apart of RJ Luxury Designs First Gala. We totally recommend Ramces Rouzard.

Tiera Knowles 

RJ Luxury Designs

Ramces Rouzard willfully shares his skills, knowledge and expertise to the young men at West Oaks Academy.  He demonstrates a positive attitude, takes personal interest in the mentoring relationship and exhibits enthusiasm.  He is the essence of true mentorship. 

- Michelange Bertrand,  West Oaks Academy Principal 

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